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Welcome to the easiest way to collaborate with freelancers in the creative sector. Rightlance acts as the invisible middleman, removing tedious processes when it comes to hiring freelancers by doing it automatically.

Using Rightlance not only saves you time and money, you can also grow your business quickly using freelancers you trust!

Say goodbye to reading countless CVs.

  1. Create a project.
  2. Post the public link across the web for any freelancers to apply.
  3. We screen the applicants based on your requirements, sending you the best.

Collaborate with all your freelancers in one place.

  1. Invite the best freelancers to your project.
  2. Agree their rate and deliverables.
  3. Sign contracts and begin working together!
Hey, great work you did on the camera tracking. Send through the invoice and I'll get it paid right away.

0% Project Commission

We remain invisible as you collaborate. We will never take a commission from your project budget or the rates you pay to your freelancers.

Join the community today and discover what it's like to work through Rightlance.

Remember, we're currently in Beta (whilst we iron out all the little quirks).

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We are starting small, but we have big ambitions.

Imagine the future of collaboration, a future where there is no distinction between employees and freelancers.

A future where businesses are able to work seamlessly online across any number of projects, and freelancers have the tools at their fingertips to create great work and manage their finances.

We are not just building a website, we are building the future of work and collaboration. Rightlance will be developed with your feedback and ideas at the forefront, imagine being a part of the community that changed the way we work forever.