Our Manifesto

We are about freedom. We are about balance. We are about wellbeing. We are about creating a transparent community. We promote collaboration over individualism. We believe you can find fulfilment in your work. We are about prosperity and the equal accountability of all.

Our mission is to create a perfect equilibrium for businesses and freelancers to thrive creatively and financially.

Build your team of freelancers

  1. Add all the freelancers currently in your organisation
  2. Use external invite links to invite anyone to apply to work with you
  3. Have a single source of information for every freelancer your organisation uses

Store freelancers in a way that makes sense to you

  1. Organise freelancers into teams, you can invite everyone in the team to a project or just use them to keep track
  2. Add tags and notes to freelancers to store custom data only visible to you and your organisation
  3. Each of your freelancers has a profile, with their location, rate, contacts details and portfolio at your fingertips
Terence has applied for the role Matchmover.

Automate the booking process

  1. Invite external applicants to apply for your jobs and Rightlance with filter them for you
  2. Send multiple freelancers an invitation to state their availability for a project in a single click
  3. Use our live messaging system to negotiate rates and get your freelancers to sing NDAs

Our Promise

We will remain invisible throughout, never taking commission and allowing you to work uninterrupted with your freelancers.

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We are all in this together.

Our goal is develop a product that provides a tangible impact on your every day life and helps you achieve a greater level of prosperity and success.

We can't do that without you; your feedback is vital. This product is, and will always be, built on the feedback of it's users.