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Welcome to Rightlance, a tool to help you streamline the way you work with freelancers. You can use it as a single point of access to find, onboard and hire.

It's easy to save time and create new growth opportunities for your business, which will increase revenue and boost profits.

Say goodbye to countless CVs.

  1. Create your project.
  2. Send out a link across the web for freelancers to apply.
  3. We filter the applicants, sending you the best of the best.

Keep all your contracts and freelancers in one place.

  1. Add the best freelancers to your project.
  2. Agree their rate and deliverables.
  3. Sign contracts and begin working together!
Hey, great work you did on the camera tracking. Send through the invoice and i'll get it paid right away.

0% Project Commission

We don't take a commission from your project budget, we believe that having transparent monthly pricing is the best way for both you and your freelancers.

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We are a small team with big goals.

We are building the future of work and collaboration, a future where there is no distinction between employees and freelancers.

A future where businesses are able to work seamlessly across many different projects and freelancers have the tools at their fingertips to create great work and control their finances effortlessly.

You are a part of that future and we are building Rightlance with a focus on your feedback and ideas. We want to build a future that you are proud of.