Our Manifesto

We are about freedom. We are about balance. We are about wellbeing. We are about creating a transparent community. We promote collaboration over individualism. We believe you can find fulfilment in your work. We are about prosperity and the equal accountability of all.

Our mission is to create a perfect equilibrium for businesses and freelancers to thrive creatively and financially.

Begin by giving freelancers a branded page to land on; once registered they go straight into your pipeline.

  1. Use our tools to create a branded page in a couple of minutes, giving freelancers an idea of who you are.
  2. Post the link we generate for you on your website and social media.
  3. Applying freelancers will go directly into your pipeline, ready for when you need them.

External links help you when you need to grow your pipeline, fast.

  1. Create a project that you're hiring for, and copy the external link.
  2. Post to social media and relevant job sites so freelancers can apply.
  3. Rightlance will filter the best applicants and they'll land straight in your pipeline.
Hey Terence, Great to meet you. Check out my profile & portfolio - if you need me just give me a call!

You'll see your freelancer in a way that make sense to you.

  1. See freelancers displayed by job title.
  2. Organise into teams for easier access.
  3. Use advanced search for an exact match.

Our Promise

We will never take commission from the rates you agree with your freelancers. We want you to build a freelance talent pipeline you can rely on without interruption or expensive commission.

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We are all in this together.

Our goal is to develop a product that makes a tangible impact on your every day life and helps you achieve a greater level of prosperity and success.

We can't do that without you; your feedback is vital. This product is, and will always be, built on the feedback of it's users.